Material 2018 — The Web as a material — Friday, November 16th, Reykjavík

A conference exploring the concept of the Web as a material

20+ years of the Web and we are still at the very beginning of understanding and implementing digitization. Let's re-explore the material Web and evaluate what we have learned so far.

For centuries we've worked with wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, textiles. More recently, new materials have emerged: plastics, fiberglass, silicon, and more. We understand their limitations, their affordances. We can fold, heat, manipulate and warp some of these materials. But the Internet and the Web are still very new to us. We don't fully understand them as a material.

What does this mean for the Web? What are the properties of the Web as a material?

Join us in Reykjavík, Iceland, for a trip through history, views and cultures. The conference will be a day long mix of presentations and fun little side-shows from both international and local speakers. Please read more about the topic, our speakers and the venue at the conference website.