TYPO3 extensions

Extension that I published to the TER

Over the years, I developed several dozen of TYPO3 extensions for various purposes. Most of them were custom-tailored for some client’s project, but some were generally useful and worth sharing — so I published them to the TYPO3 extension repository.

There is nothing special about writing a TYPO3 extension. Everybody with some PHP skills and a certain amount of TYPO3 knowledge can do it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the documentation that consumes the most time and resources. This is especially true if the extension itself is very simple — then you’ll probably spend more time with writing the docs than writing the code. These are the extensions I published to the TER so far:

tollwerk Google Analytics

Extension key: tw_googleanalytics

This is a frontend plugin for advanced Google Analytics (respectively Universal Analytics) integration with a wide range of features including pageView and event tracking, custom variables, cross domain tracking, tracking of file downloads and external domains and much more. The extension is built on extbase / fluid and supports the asynchronous tracking code only (ga.js / analytics.js).

tollwerk Lucene Search

Extension key: tw_lucenesearch

This is a simple and lightweight implementation of the Apache Lucene Index as frontend search solution for TYPO3, built on extbase / fluid, supporting wildcard and fuzzy searches, search term highlighting, indexing of uncached pages, custom search term rewrite hooks and much more without any further software requirements (Java application server, Apache Solr etc.).

tollwerk Open Device Lab

Extension key: tw_odl

This is an extension for managing the devices of an Open Device Lab website including a backend module for device label printing (via TCPDF), wallpaper image generation and a public JSONP API (extbase/fluid).

tollwerk squeezr

Extension key: squeezr

Easily integrate my squeezr library into your TYPO3 instance with this extension and get device-aware adaptive images and server side CSS3 media queries. The squeezr extension is also used on this website.