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  1. 2016 in keywords
    Article · · 6 min read · 2 reactions

    2016 in keywords

    While I feel the need to write down some of the things that happened in 2016, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find the time en bloc for doing that in the necessary verbosity, so I decided to quickly jot down some keywords first and flesh it out with details and photos later on. Please bear with me — this is work in progress.

  2. "Indie" as in "individuality"
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    "Indie" as in "individuality"

    It's that time of the year again. I'm spending my annual family holiday in Japan — and getting inspired by so many things. For example the fact, that the Japanese culture is mostly based on caring for others. I really enjoy that special sense for all the tiny little details here. Sadly, this does not fully apply to the IndieWeb community as well at present.

  3. Of excellence and reputation
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    Of excellence and reputation

    2013 started just normal. Almost. I spent New Year — お正月 — in Japan, together with my wife, my daughter and my parents-in-law. As a New Year’s resolution, I promised myself to do something about my physical condition, especially my weight, which had gotten out of control somehow. At that time, my life had reached a major turning point, without me being aware of it yet. A lot of unexpected occurences were just around the corner, leading me to eventually start a personal website with this very post. It is a story of opening up, of breaking cover — let’s dare looking back (this is going to be lengthy — you have been warned).